Three Too Ranch

The Three Too Ranch was established in 1985, just an hour southwest of San Antonio in Pearsall, TX, by Roger Hill, to produce high quality certified cattle and registered American Quarter Horses.

The Horses

Three Too Ranch horses are bred and raised right here on the ranch. We are focused on utilizing foundation bloodlines to bring good feet and bone back to the cow-horse industry. One-event associations have created a situation within the Quarter Horse industry where feet and bone have taken a back seat. We have hand-selected a group of talented cow-horse mares and are crossing them on our proven Hancock stallion to keep that highly sought after athletic ability, but to also improve the feet and bone of those horses. Visit Horses For Sale for your next prospect.

Three Too Ranch Stallion:

  • Bueno Sun O Lena: 2013 Palomino Stallion (Freckles Sun O Lena x Miss Bonanza Bueno)

Three Too Ranch Mares:

  • Freckles On My Chic (Smart Chic Olena x Miss Solano Playboy)
  • Lil Playgun (Playgun x Lil Joie)
  • Paddys Irish Playgun (Paddys Irish Whiskey x Lil Playgun)
  • MS Dual Doc Dry (Kit Dual x Doc Drys MS Behaven)
  • Geraldines Dual Pep (Duals Blue Boon x Smart Geraldine)
  • CTR Blue Dancer (Mecom Blue x Circle Bar Dancer)
  • Freckles N Heaven (Seven from Heaven x Freckles on My Chic)
  • Unregistered Donnell Mare
  • Playgirls Night Glo (Shiners Glo At Night x Boons Sporty Playgirl)
  • Petes Little Lark (OSU Pistol Pete x Honeys First Lark)

The Cattle

Three Too Ranch cattle are certified and primarily for sale by private treaty. We produce certified Brahman heifers, certified Brahman cows, Tiger-Striped F1's and Brangus heifers. Come by to get a better idea of our offerings. 

Certified Brahman Cows available at Three Too Ranch - Click Photos For Larger View

Tiger-Striped F1's available at Three Too Ranch - Click Photos For Larger View